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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  April 9, 2014 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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start. >> yeah. you can tell that sea breeze kicked into gear. cooler temperatures around the bay area. starting out with thick fog especially at the coastline, high clouds, too. what does the long- range forecast have for us? we'll talk about that coming up. >> dense fog advisory for stretches along highway 1 between half moon bay and santa cruz. right now things look clear across the san mateo bridge but we'll help you get to work on time, hopefully, in just a few minutes. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. there is renewed hope in the search for the ing malaysian jetliner. searchers think it will be found soon. cbs reporter susan mcginnis has developing news on the efforts in the indian ocean. reporter: australia's ocean shield has picked up two more under water signals in the southern indian ocean possibly from aircraft data recorders. crews searching for flight 370 heard the signals one lasting more than five minutes, the other seven minutes yesterday in the same area a u.s. listening device detected sounds over the weekend.
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>> i have confidence we're in the right area. but i'm not going to give the final confirmation until somebody has seen wreckage. >> reporter: the battery life on the data recorders is only about a month. the boeing 777 and the 239 people on board disappeared march 8 so that window is closing quickly. pings from the flight recorders can help to refine the search area so crews can send a small u.s. navy submersible 14,000 feet down to map the ocean floor. >> hopefully, in a matter of days, we will be able to find something on the bottom that might confirm that this is the last resting place of mh370. >> reporter: investigators have not said how long they will wait to deploy the sub once they have determined they have heard the last ping. officials will only say that time is not far away. susan mcginnis, cbs news. >> the search for debris on the
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ocean surface picked up today. 15 planes and 14 ships are involved. this morning, hayward police have a man in custody wanted since a fatal stabbing on valentine's day weekend. police arrested 19-year-old roger pacheco last night after acting on a tip and conducting a house-to-house search for three hours. investigators say he was hiding in a closet. he is suspected in a fatal stabbing in february. three others were arrested shortly after the stabbing. pleasant hill police are trying to catch an armed robber who held up employees at a cell phone store. it happened about 7:30 last night at a verizon wireless store on contra costa boulevard. investigators say the man went into the store, brandished a firearm at the workers. he then took electronics and an undies closed amount of money before running -- undisclosed amount of money before running off. no injuries. a navy warship is expected to arrive in san diego for medical help.
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a 1-year-old baby and her family were rescued from a disabled sailboat 1,000 miles off baja, california last week. another move in the battle over california's "ellis act." a state law meant to help landlords who want to get out of the rental property business. the san francisco board of supervisors has approved local legislation aimed at helping tenants who get evicted under the "ellis act." kpix 5's andria borba explains. >> reporter: the board of supervisors says if a land board wants to evict a renter under the "ellis act" they will have to pay up. >> this is not going to be a panacea. >> reporter: here's the map. according to the city controller's office, a person who paid $909 a month for a rent controlled two-bedroom apartment in the mission will get a relocation payment of over $44,000. the current regulations top out at $5,200. >> the reality is that in this rental market that money would not be sufficient to help someone actually stay in san francisco. >> reporter: essentially evicting them from not just the
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apartment but the city. >> these are people who have lived many of them, you know, decades in a neighborhood who have contributed to making the neighborhood what it is. and i think it's only fair that they pay -- that they get enough to actually be able to stay here. >> reporter: the other side is making the same argument. >> a lot of these people i want to emphasize that they contribute to our community. they live here. they're from here. they might have an asset in their property. but that doesn't make them cash-rich. you know? they don't have this expendable income. >> reporter: he says he doesn't represent speculators but elderly san franciscans on a fixed income who say they need to move in caregivers. >> a lot of them this is going to be four years of social security for them. some of them rely only on their social security payments and we are looking at four years of social security payments just to relocate a tenant records the san francisco apartment association says this legislation will eventually evict the landlords out of san francisco forcing them to sell. either way, one thing is clear:
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a white hot rental market is squeezing both sides. >> these are san franciscans. >> reporter: bob boston, kpix 5. let's get a look hat weather for lawrence. frank isn't feeling well so brian stepped in today. >> glad to be here. >> glad to see you guys. >> i see you on television. >> at this time of the morning it's different. [ laughter ] >> we have a lot of fog out there right now. kind of a sea breeze kicking in so the cooldown is now under way. a few high clouds also drifting overhead. i think as we look toward the afternoon, we'll find plenty of sunshine inside the bay. out toward the coastline the fog is likely going to stick there. the temperatures going to come down especially near the coastline just inside the bay. 60s out toward the beaches, some 70s inside the bay still some warm 80s in the valleys. out the door we go. we have some cloudy skies over the bay bridge right now. temperatures are running in the 40s and the 50s. by the afternoon, still some pleasant weather numbers above average. you will find 80 degrees in
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concord, 81 san jose and 70 into san francisco. let's check the roads with elizabeth. okay, thank you, lawrence. out the door we go. you may find some fog on highway 1. chp issued their own dense fog advisory separate from the one from the national weather service and they called it for highway 1 south of half moon bay. so we can't see a lot of fog in a lot of the traffic cameras but lawrence will talk about this throughout the morning i'm sure. in the meantime, traffic looks great. no metering lights. there is still that roadwork in the left lanes from the inclines just past yerba buena island. should be picked up in the next 20 minutes. a check of the east bay where the nimitz is flowing nicely from hayward to downtown oakland exits. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys. >> all right. thank you, elizabeth. suspended state senator leland yee has pleaded not guilty to corruption charges. he and 20 other defendants swept up in raids two weeks ago appeared in federal court in san francisco yesterday. yee is charged with gun running
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and political corruption. he is free on $500,000 bond. also in court, raymond "shrimp boy" chow. his arraignment was put off until next week because he has a new lawyer with a long colorful history here in the bay area. tony serra wasted no time firing off explosive allegations aimed at the government's case. >> and the government ensnared my client by their affirmative acts tantamount to entrapment, tantamount to outrageous government behavior and throw in from our perspective a modicum of racism, unadulterated racism. >> serra says at no time did chow participate in a crime and he looks forward to his day in court to prove it. one marine is dead and another in custody following a shooting at camp lejeune in north carolina. it's the second deadly shooting at a military base in less than a week. marlie hall has the latest.
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reporter: investigators are trying to figure out why one marine killed another at camp lejeune's main gate in north carolina. officials say at approximately 5:30 p.m. yesterday, a male marine on guard duty discharged an m4 rifle hitting a colleague once in the chest. >> they quickly had enough information at their disposal to make the determination that this was neither an act of terrorism nor an act of shooter incident. it was isolated. >> reporter: the naval criminal investigative service, or ncis, is on the case. >> the shooter is in custody and awaiting questioning from ncis, who is handling the investigation from here on out. >> reporter: the shooting comes less than a week after three soldiers died in a deadly shooting rampage at a military post in texas. the president and first lady will travel to fort hood to attend a memorial service for them. marlie hall, cbs news. >> investigators say there were
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other people at the main gate guard shack at the time of the shooting but no one else was hurt. the marine killed at camp lejeune was not identified. internet experts are urging users to change their password because of a major security glitch involving open ssl encryption technology often symbolized with the little padlock on website. that's been breached by the "heartbleed" bug. >> in theory, if you avoided logging into the site, that would be one way to keep your credentials from being accessed. it's a good idea if you have an account on any of the major site names that have been thrown around to change your password. >> the scope of the problem still is unclear but for now, people may want to avoid activities like online banking. happening today, a big change for the credit cards in your wallet. bay area senator jerry hill has a bill to change the type of credit cards used in california
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next year. he wants to drop cards with magnetic strips in favor of microchip card technology. he says most other countries already use microchip cards harder to counterfeit. a groundbreaking new treatment is giving hope to millions of people who are paralyzed. dr. john lapook shows us the incredible results. reporter: in 2010, dustin was in a car accident that left him paralyzed from the chest down. >> i never had any progress as far as movement or any signs that i would have any movement or walk again. >> reporter: the stimulator box? since implantation of a spinal cord stimulator a year ago, he can move. >> that is amazing. >> reporter: you're thinking move. >> yes. so it's -- yes. so like when i'm not doing anything it just sits there. when i say up -- just starts
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moving. i have control over my legs again. pretty exciting. >> reporter: spinal injuries disrupt nerve pathways that come from the brain and initiate movement. in this study, researchers implanted an electrical stimulator at the base of the spine. when it's turned on, impulses are emitted that appear to awaken injured or dormant nerve pathways. shillcox still can't walk and has no feeling from the chest down but researchers were surprised he could move his legs by thinking. dr. claudia angelie led the team. >> what we're doing is waking up the spinal cord and allowing it to be ready to receive a signal from the brain. >> reporter: shillcox is one of four patients who are now able to voluntarily move their legs with the help of the device. what's it like to you? >> it's, uhm, it's a miracle. when i can move my legs when i'm not supposed to. >> reporter: dr. john lapook, cbs news, new york. >> dock tonight aren't sure about what level of mobility those patients will recover but
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researchers are recruiting others for further study. 4:41. your breakfast just got more expensive. how a mysterious virus is causing pork prices to skyrocket and how it's impacting grocery bills. >> a superhero returns to the bay area back where his adventure started last november but this time on a different mission.
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the officer was hit several times when a man walked inte started firing a los angeles police officer shot inside a station was probably saved by the gun in his pocket. the officer was hit several times when a man walked into the station and started firing monday night. one of the bullets hit the officer's backup gun. the shooter's father says he had applied to the lapd police academy last year but was rejected. police say they found an assault weapon in his car. 37 sick passengers are isolated in their cabins on a cruise ship that was docked in san francisco. the crown princess left yesterday for los angeles. princess cruise lines says the ill passengers complained of problems believed to be linked
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to norovirus. the company says it has disinfected the ship's common areas in addition to isolating passengers. a serious virus is sweeping the country killing millions of pigs. kpix 5 reporter betty yu says that just in the past couple of days, the price of bringing home the bacon has skyrocketed. >> i got slab bacon here. reporter: bringing home the bacon from this place in los altos is costing more. in recent weeks, the shop raised the price of its popular pork products by at least 10% and this has been happening across the country since a mysterious virus started killing litters of piglets last year. >> it makes me want to buy more pork right now and put it until the freezer if the prices are going up and the other thing i'm worried about is the american farmer. >> reporter: farmers are seeing mostly young pigs die from a disease called porcine epidemic diarrhea and there's no treatment for it. 6million pigs have been
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killed. this northern california rancher says to expect prices to double before the summer. >> we have to take the hit first for a little bit and then slowly pass it on. >> reporter: sincey the mer's began raising its pork prices, it also started handing out these papers to customers and from the national pork board that explains the disease and its effect on the value of hogs. >> i buy just enough to get by for the week. >> before we would which so much extra pork. we would buy eight whole hogs. you know? now buying three, six a week max. >> reporter: bacon went up 50 cents this week. but mark says so far, most customers haven't noticed. he is trying to keep it that way. in los altos, betty yu, kpix 5. >> the disease killing the pigs doesn't infect humans or other animals. it came from china and spread to 27 states in less than a year. >> so no bacon for a while. >> up 50 cents in a week? >> yeah, not good.
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we are seeing fog out there now. visibilities down to about three-quarters of a mile into santa rosa. so pushing onshore into the bay and valleys. high clouds today. in the afternoon mostly sunny. drizzle at the coastline so a little damp on the roads approaching the beaches. i think mostly sunny by the afternoon with coastal clouds and then more fog and low clouds on the way the next few days with some cooler temperatures. high pressure that brought us the offshore wind is now sliding further to the east and weakening so we're seeing that sea breeze picking up and that means we're going to cool down temperatures and eventually this guy right here approaches the bay area on friday. that will bring with it cooler temperatures and clouds. temperatures still warming up though in the central valley. 80s and some 90s there. about 65 degrees in lake tahoe. and 79 degrees in yosemite. computer models showing you the low clouds and fog hugging the coastline trying to break up but not getting away from the coast most of the day and back
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onshore overnight tonight into tomorrow morning. so kind of like a summer pattern setting up outside with the low clouds and fog. by the afternoon, though, plenty of sunshine in the south bay. 81 in san jose. 79 in fremont and 74 degrees in san mateo. 60s toward the coastline with low clouds. temperatures in the east bay mainly in the 80s although some 70s through the delta and you're looking at 81 degrees in sonoma today. 78 in san raphael. next couple of days we are going to see some cooler temperatures a few more clouds into friday. looks like a stable pattern and dry for the most part except for that drizzle out toward the beaches. let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we are getting first reports of what sounds like a serious injury accident in south san jose. and a stretch of capitol expressway may actually be closed. we are working to get some more information now but the accident happened within the last few minutes. capitol expressway 7 trees boulevard and again a stretch of capitol expressway may be shut down in that area. all right. here's a live look outside. this is the east bay now.
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and everything actually looks okay if you are here. this is near the oakland coliseum. not seeing any roadwork between hayward and your downtown oakland exits. the northbound and southbound still flowing freeway near the oakland coliseum and oakland airport, maybe if you are heading out of town. here's a live look at the silicon valley ride. westbound 237 folks here everything is moving right along leaving milpitas into sunnyvale. they should have picked up overnight roadwork through livermore, westbound 580 looks great through the dublin interchange and continues that way through the dublin grade and by the castro valley y. we're just beginning to pick up a few slower speeds those. those yellow sensors popping up once you get past 205 on to 580. right now the drive time only about 14 minutes between there and the dublin interchange. mass transit also off to a very nice start on this "hump day." bart systemwide on time. they have more than 25 trains all reporting no delay and ace train number one also left stockton with no problems. that's your latest "kcbs traffic." back to you guys.
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>> all right. thank you, elizabeth. batkid made a return visit to the bay area. >> giants fans, please welcome our hero, the batkid, miles scott! [ applause and cheers ] >> it's so cool to see him again. batkid tossed the ceremonial first pitch yesterday at the san francisco giants first home game of the season. miles scott drew much attention last november when he became a superhero for a day with the help from the make-a-wish foundation. >> also at yesterday's game, bryan stow. he is the santa clara county paramedic severely beaten through years ago after a giants-dodgers game in los angeles. and as for the game itself, the giants continued their strong start to the 2014 baseball season. they beat the arizona diamondbacks 7-3. winning pitchers, former oakland a's star tim hudson who was acquired by the giants in the off season. time now 4:50. it may have been the striped sweater that gave her away. how police nabbed a suspected
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thief with a penchant for smartphones. >> almost home, that sailing family adrift at sea set to make it to land today. the bay area rescue group that got him there. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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big change in the weather. the sea breeze kicked in. fog and low clouds hugging the coastline today. temperatures generally in the 60s there. inside the bay we'll find some sunshine this afternoon, up into the 70s. some 80s into the south bay maxing out about 81 in san jose, 83 morgan hill. into the east bay other than a few passing high clouds this afternoon, lots of sunshine in between. temperatures are going to be slightly cooler take another day or so for those temperatures to cool down from the sea breeze. and then as we look to the north bay, well, we're going to see some clouds early on today and then some sunshine this
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afternoon. still squeezing in about 77 degrees in santa rosa, 75 in petaluma. as you make your way into san francisco, those temperatures cooling off about 70 degrees. and it feels like summer outside. you may even hit some fog this morning for the start of your morning commute. right now, here's a live look at 880 the nimitz in oakland where the drive time still looks great only 15 minutes in both directions. we'll have a full look at your drive to work coming up. all right. on this early wednesday morning, right, sometimes you need to check, surveillance cameras help put a suspected thief behind bars. "pawl raynal" is accused of stealing a laptop and cell phone. she was recognized from surveillance video. here's a video that led to the arrest. she is walked over to the unattended electronics and stole them. new this morning, toyota is recalling more than 6 million vehicles worldwide for problems affecting various parts from
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steering to seats. 27 toyota models are affected including the corolla, rav-4, tacoma and highlander. toyota is not aware of crashes or injuries related to the recalls but two fires have been linked to a defective engine starter. a nursing home on new york's long island is in a legal battle over adult entertainment for its residents. >> the family of a patient is suing saying their mother suffered emotional distress. it started when her son found this picture taken a year and a half ago. his 85-year-old mother in a wheelchair is putting money into a dancer's underwear. the suit claims it was emotionally distressful for her. >> i felt terrible. i was shaking and going on. he was telling me what to do. >> too much sex and craziness is going on. now they bringing it to the nursing home and it don't belong here. >> the attorney for the nursing home says elderly members on the board actually approved the entertainment.
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southern california's home to some of the most exciting places to visit but also some of the most boring apparently. >> apparently. yes. novato real estate blog just released a top boring cities in california lakewood first on the list. it's described as a dead zone of fun. wouldn't want be described that way, would you? lancaster, west covina, victorville and merced round out the top five least thrilling places. it's 4:56. a family rescued at sea with a sick baby making its way back to the states. the backlash and criticism they are getting from other parents and their response. >> reporter: and if you are frying up bacon for breakfast this morning, that same act could cost you a lot more as soon as next week. we'll tell you about the epidemic virus coming up next.
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>> what you value as a human life. and to us, that's priceless. >> a family rescued in the middle of the pacific ocean after their baby daughter gets sick finally arrives in san diego today. >> makes me want to buy more pork right now and put it in the freezer if the prices are going up. >> a mystery virus sweeps the nation killing millions of pigs. and that means bringing home the bacon is going to get even more expensive. >> hayward police have a man in custody wanted since a fatal stabbing on valentine's day weekend. police arrested 19-year-old roger pacheco last night after acting on a tip and conducting a house to house search for three hours. >> i have confidence we're in the right area. >> new hope that malaysia airlines flight 370 may be located within a matter of days after new underwater signals are detected. from across the bay to around the world, the stories that matter on "kpix 5 news this morning." captions by: caption colorado it is out of here! your realtime captioner is
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linda macdonald. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm brian hackney. >> yes. let's get to weather right now with lawrence. how's it look? >> big changes in the weather today, guys. we are seeing the sea breeze kicking in cooler temperatures on the way. in fact, looks like those numbers are going to drop especially approaching the coastline and just inside the bay. clouds likely to linger toward the beaches today mainly in the 60s there. we'll see some 70s in the bay still some warm 80s in the valleys but the low clouds have surged into the bay and some of the valleys this morning. temperatures around the bay area now 57 degrees in san jose. 53 in san francisco. and a cool 48 with some thicker fog into santa rosa. by the afternoon, still many of these numbers above the average. up into the 80s inland. lots of 70s and 80s inside the bay but along the coastline, well, much cooler temperatures. they are in the 60s and the fog is back and probably going to stick around. all right, let's check the roads with elizabeth. thank you, lawrence. we are still following this breaking news out of south san jose. the san jose fire department just confirmed with our news desk that one person was killed


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